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Friday. September 17.1999 The key U. S. and foreign annuel interest rates below are a oviide to general levels but dorri always represent actual transact ions.

PRIME RATE: 1 75% (elective 06/15 "9»). The base rate on corporate loans posted by at least 754 of the rial ton sX largest banks

DISCOUNT RATE; 4.75% {effective 0в. u 99). The charge on loans to depository Institutions by №e Federal Reserve Banks.

FEDERAL FUNDS: S 3 16% high, 4 7t % tow, S % near closing bid. S IЛ N ottered. Reserves traded among commercial banks tor ovem gf t use In amounts ol it million or more. Source Prebon Yamaneiu S.Alinc. FOMC ted funds target rate 5.25% effective в Ja/99.

CALL MONEY: 7.00% (effective H -76/99). The Charge on loans to brokers on stock exchange collateral. Source. Reuters

COMMERCIAL PAPER: placed directly by General Electric Capital Corp.: S 30% 30 Io 59 days; 5.37% 60 to 13 days. S 734 »7 to 138 davs: 5.76% 1Э9 to ISS davs: 5.73% IS6 to 179 days; 5.70% ItO Io 119 days, 5j*3% 240 to 770days.

EURO COMMERCIAL PAPER: placed directly by General Electric Capital Corp : 7 S»% 30 days. 7 59% two months; j 64% three months; 3.03% tour months; 3.04% five months. 106% six months.

OEALER COMMERCIAL PAPER: High-grade unsecured notes sold through dealers by major corporations. 5.31% 10 davs. S 37% 60 days. 5 334 90 davs.

CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT 4 97% one month. 4.99% two months; 5 04% three months; S.40% six months. 5.53% one year. Average of too rates paid by maior New York banks on primary new Issues of negotiable C.D.s, usually on amounts ol Sl million and more The minimum unit is »100,000. Typical rates in the secondary maket 5 36% one month; 5 45% three months; S.87% six months.

BANKERS ACCEPTANCES 5.3?%30davs, S.35% eXOays: S.40% 90days; S 75% ITOdavs 5.7SS ISOdays. S 75% UOdays Offered rates ol negotiable, bank-becked business credit Instruments typically financing an impon order.

LONDON LATE EURODOLLARS: S 13 32% - 5*."32% OM month; S IS 37% - 5 П 37% two months. S 17.37% - 5 I J/37% three months. 6 % - S 7П % tour months. S 31/37*, - 5 77/32*. five months. 5 31 ■3T, - 5 Г"3"% six months

LONDON INTERBANK OFFERED RATES ILlBOR] S.38175% one month; 5 517S". three months; S.WI2S% Sj*. months; 6.04 75*. one year British Banker'(Association average of interbank offered r etes for dolla' deposits in IV London market Cased on ovola'ions at 16 maior banks. Effective rate for contracts entered into two davs from date appearing at too of this column.

EURO LIBOR: 1 SS0004 one month; 2 64563*- three monlhs: 3.10925% six months; 3.31000*« one year British Benkefs Association everege o* Interbank offered rates tor euro deposits in the London marvel based on Quotations ai 16 maior banks. Effective raft for contracts entered into two davs from dale appearing al *op of this column.

EURO INTERBANK OFFERED RATES IEURIBOR}: 1579% one month. 2 687% three months; 3.112% s.x months. 3.310% one year. European Banking Federation-sponsored rale among Г Euro tone banks

FOREIGN PRIME RATES. Canada 6,25% Germany 7-S0%. Japan 1 375%. Switerland3.00% left. 9'I7 99): Bnta n

5 75%. These rate indications arent directly comparable, lending practices vary н ideiv by kxa*'on.

TREASURY BILLS. Resjlis of the Monday September 13, 1999, auction of snort term U.S. government b lis sold at a discount from face value lnunilsof S',000 K>$1 million 4.66O- 13 weens, 4 975% 76 weexs

OVERNIGHT REPURCHASE RATE: 5.06%. Dealer II-nancing rale lor overnight sale anc repurchase ol Treasury securities. Source. Reute*s.

FEDERAL HOME LOAN MORTGAGE CORP. (Freddie Mac): Posted yields on ЭО-vear mortgage commitments delivery ttithin 30 days 7.71%, 60 days 7.78%, standard cwiver-tionai fixed-rate mortgages: 6 '75%. 7% relo capped one-year adtustable rate mortgages. Source Reuters

FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION (Fanme Mae): Posted velds on X yea- mortgage commitments (priced at par) for delivery within X days 7 б/ч. 60 covs 7.72%. standard conventional fixed-rate mortgages;

6 70% 6 t. rate capped one-year eciustable rale morlpeges-Source Reuters.

MERRILL LYNCH REAOY ASSETS TRUST: 4.69*. Annualized a\erage rate o' retu'n at'e^ expenses for the oast x days; not a forecast of future *e»urns.

CONSUMER PRICE INDEX: August. 167.1. up2.3*. from a year ago. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Рис. 2.1. Ставки ценных бумаг денежного рынка

Источник. Wall Street Journal, September 20. 1999. Перепечатывается с разрешения Dow Jones & Company. Inc. с помощью Copyright Clearance Center. Inc € 1999 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. Все права защищены по всему миру



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